Hot Tips for Summer Water Conservation

Hot Tips for Summer Water Conservation

It does not matter whether we are in a drought or not, we should always conserve water all the time. We never know when the rain will stop and have us back to square one once again.

When the summer heat is boiling, many people find relief by turning on the garden hose. Whether it is watering the flowers or filling up a swimming pool; water consumption is always at an all-time high in the summertime.

However, when the temperatures start rising, it often brings along with it drought like conditions; this is especially true in areas where there are little to no rain showers. There are ways that you can conserve water during the hottest months of the year.

Here are some tips on water conservation during the summer, brought to you by all of us at Benicia Plumbing.

Update Your Toilet

The toilet is one of the biggest water wasters in the home. If you have an older model toilet, then it can use anywhere from 5-7 gallons of water to flush. However, the newer models only use 1-3 gallons. This is a huge savings that adds up in a home where there are many people around. Replacing a toilet is a useful cost measure that will conserve water and save money off of the monthly water consumption costs.

The Water Hose is Not a Toy

Many people feel all nostalgic when they remember spraying each other with the garden hose. However, the common garden hose releases up to 24 gallons per minute. If the kids forget to turn off the hose and leave it on for an extended period, then it is going to cost you big time. Rather than allowing them to play with the hose, encourage them to go outside when the sprinklers are on. It is already watering the lawn, so it will not cost any extra for them to play during that period.

Never Over Water Your Lawn

In some areas, the yard is going to need some water. However, if you are watering more than once a week, then it is too much. Your yard is made to be hearty and take the heat. However, if you water it too much, you can do more harm than good. At various times during the summer, water alerts are issued, and lawns are not to be watered. If you insist on watering, then try a water saving sprinkler system. These will ensure that only a small amount of water is released, and it is done during the right times.

Use Mulch

Decorative mulch looks beautiful around your plants. Additionally, mulch does more than add beauty to your yard. Mulch acts as a shield and protects the plants. It helps keep the ground moist and does not allow the sun to dry up the plants so quickly. A nice layer of mulch will keep plants from dying and will also look aesthetically pleasing.

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