Toilet next to a shower with a chair in it - Have You Updated a Bathroom for the Seniors in Your Life?

Have You Updated a Bathroom for the Seniors in Your Life?

Most of today’s homes were not designed or built to accommodate aging adults or anyone with limited mobility, balance and strength. In particular, bathrooms, for example, are common places for slips and falls to happen. In order to keep older adults out of harm’s way and help them stay in their current homes as long as they possibly can, it’s vital to make smart bathroom updates for aging adults.

At Benicia Plumbing, we are bathroom experts and updating bathrooms in order to accommodate seniors is something we encounter with our customers all over the Bay Area all the time.

Avoid Dangers in Conventional Bathrooms

Common bathroom features, such as lack of support in the shower, are potential dangers. Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injurious deaths among older adults? Without grab bars and other slip-resistant features, the risk of suffering a life-threatening fall rises significantly. You can prevent these dangers by remodeling your bathroom with specialized features and plumbing fixtures. And don’t worry—you won’t have to compromise on style. Visit our local showroom partners to select from a wide range of stylish brands and fixtures.

Tips for Designing an All-Ages Bathroom

An all-ages bathroom is one that is built or retrofitted with Universal Design features in mind. Here are several upgrades that will help you make bathroom updates for aging adults:

  • Grab bars in the tub and shower, with colors and finishes that compliment your decor and contrast with the wall for better visibility
  • Curbless shower or walk-in shower, with little or no threshold to step over
  • Slip-resistant flooring throughout the bathroom
  • Single-lever faucet handles
  • Pressure-balanced faucet to maintain steady water temperature and prevent scalding
  • Adjustable height, hand-held shower hose with easy-to-use controls
  • Comfort height toilet with a seat height of 17–19 inches, rather than the standard 14–16 inches

Provide a safe environment for your seniors in your life by updating their bathroom and eliminating the dangers that might currently exist there.

At Benicia Plumbing, Inc., we’ve been serving our clients since 1975 and always looking  to utilize the latest technology in today’s plumbing world. By providing complete plumbing services to businesses, industry, homebuilders and homeowners throughout the northern California Bay Area, we’ve been able to stay at the forefront of this industry and succeed at a high level.

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