Broken washing machine hose being held by a person wearing gloves

Faulty Washing Machine Hoses Can Ruin Your Day

How often do you think about your washing machine hoses?

Unless you need washing machine repairs, it’s not something you’d think about. Believe it or not, a washing machine hose could spell disaster for your laundry room. This seemingly inconspicuous plumbing component is capable of significantly flooding your home in just a few short minutes.

Well, the good news from all of us at Benicia Plumbing is that you do have multiple choices when it comes to washing machine hoses. You’re not stuck with the washing machine hose that came with the unit. In fact, you’ll likely want to replace that hose as soon as possible. On average, you want to replace the hose once every three to five years.

Reinforced Rubber: One of the most common options for a washing machine hose replacement is reinforced rubber. It is an inexpensive option that is made of braided rayon or polyester mesh. As such, the rubber itself is far stronger and less likely to leak or burst in the long-run.

It’s important to make sure you grab the correct hose, though. There are non-reinforced hoses made of some of the same materials, but they’re not as durable.

Steel Braided: Another good option to replace a standard washing machine hose is a stainless-steel braided hose. They are a middling choice, in terms of price, but offer additional security and durability for the extra cost. The braided stainless steel covers a rubber hose, providing an extra layer of defense against a water leak or burst hose. When properly installed, a steel hose lowers the failure rate significantly.

However, in tight spaces, a steel braided hose may become bent or kinked. The stainless-steel material may dig into the internal rubber hose, causing premature damage and problems.

Auto-Shutoff Hoses: The last hose option you have available is an auto-shutoff hose, which is the most expensive option, but also the safest. This type of hose is a stainless-steel braided hose, ideal for indoor use, with a built-in shut-off mechanism on one end as an additional precaution. If the hose were to burst, the connector at the end would sense the change in water pressure and shut off the flow of water. This immensely-useful device could be the difference between minor water damage and significant flood damage.

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