Confused lady holding pipes in the kitchen.

Three Reasons to Use a Professional Plumbing Contractor

As a plumbing contractor here at Benicia Plumbing, we understand the satisfaction you get from completing a job. We think it’s part of the reason people have so much fun posting and performing their own DIY projects. However, DIY projects aren’t the same as DIY repairs. When it comes to repairs, you want the job to be done at the highest standard of quality, otherwise, you’ll be stuck trying to fix it again--and that's when we enter the picture. 

1.) You Don't Have the Expertise and Experience

If your friend or relative is a plumber and you’ve worked with them on a plumbing job in the past, then it might not be difficult to replicate what you’ve already been taught first-hand.

However, what most people end up doing is finding a guide or video online and, with no other experience, try to copy what they’re seeing. After all, that’s what a how-to guide is for, right? But here’s the problem… That how-to video or post was made only to demonstrate the minimum of what needs to be done, in a best-case scenario. It won’t be able to help you if an unexpected problem shows up along the way. Knowing exactly what to do in such a situation is where having experience counts.

2.) You Don’t Have the Right Tools

Running to the hardware store to grab a couple screws or pipes isn’t out of the ordinary. It’s even expected.

But what if not having just one of the right tools or parts leads to you performing a less-than-satisfactory job? For example, this might happen in the case of cleaning a clogged drain.

Let’s say you decide to buy a hand-crank drain snake. You can probably unclog the drain with that, but not without scraping the pipes and causing damage. Alternatively, you could have called us at Benicia Plumbing to clear the clog with a hydro-jet. Hydro-jetting will blast the clogs away while cleaning the pipes at the same time, preventing any future build up. A drain snake would be useless in this regard.

3.) You Don’t Have the Time

You’d only ever work on a DIY project if you had the time, right? But we can’t always account for the total time that a job will take—especially a job we’ve never performed before. The headline of that how-to guide may have promised “quick” and “easy,” but that’s not a practical claim when it comes to plumbing. Buying the wrong part or accidentally skipping a step will only contribute to more time lost, and before you know it, the sun will be going down while your problem remains unfixed.

About Benicia Plumbing

At Benicia Plumbing, we are a solutions-based company, which means that every customer will always receive a comprehensive diagnosis to resolve their plumbing issues promptly and seamlessly. Your Benicia Plumbing technician will always provide you with a complete, detailed estimate before the work begins and guarantee all parts and workmanship for a full year. And finally, if there are any malfunctions within this period of time, Benicia Plumbing will always correct it promptly at no charge and fully comply with local city and state building codes.

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