Garbage disposal

Don't Ever Put These Things in Your Garbage Disposal

When you see the power and technology in today's modern garbage disposals, you can't but help thinking that these are machines that can do it all and never break down. 

At Benicia Plumbing, we know from decades of experience that garbage disposals can break rather easily if you aren’t cautious. If you desire your garbage disposal to last for many years, there are a few things you should avoid exposing it to. 

Let’s analyze the top three things that you must never put down your garbage disposal. That is, if you want it to experience a full and healthy life.

Avoid the FOG

In plumbing vernacular, fats, oils and grease are commonly referred to as FOG. All of these are common cooking materials that should never go into any garbage disposal, but many homeowners fail to heed advice. The main issue with FOG is that while these materials are in liquid form when used in cooking, they congeal as they cool off. The semi-viscous fluid clogs up not only the garbage disposal but the sewer line as well. This can cause an immense amount of problems, and lasting damage to the garbage disposal.

Disposing FOG Correctly

Of course, no one is suggesting that you completely do away with using these materials in cooking. You simply should find another way to dispose of them other than pouring them down the drain. One popular method involves putting any FOG you have left over after cooking into a disposable container, and then freezing it. Once the FOG is frozen solid simply throw it away. This is a much better method for disposing of FOG while keeping your garbage disposal in good condition.

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