Pipe under a sink leaking water

Three Common Cold Weather Plumbing Problems

In temperate Northern California, we don't get those crazy sub-zero temperatures that people back East get. But, they still get low enough (especially at night) that can cause problems with your plumbing during those winter months. During this time, your plumbing system can be vulnerable to three common issues we encounter from November through February, in most cases.

At Benicia Plumbing, we often get frantic phone calls from our customers and they normally relate to these common three plumbing problems that are caused by cold weather:

"My Pipes are Leaking or Busted!"

Don't leave your hoses lying around your yard when the temperatures start to drop, because they can pose a serious problem when the cold weather starts coming our way. Store your hoses in the garage to avoid water from building up and freezing around your spigots, which can lead to excess pressure and eventually result in leaking or busted pipes. Turn off the spigots around your home and drain and put your hoses away for the winter. 

"My Water Heater is Overtaxed!"

Waking up on a cold morning in The Bay Area only to find that there isn’t hot water is never any fun. Jumping in a cold shower can surely ruin your day. Since families spend a lot more time indoors during the winter, they use considerably more hot water, which means that your hot water heater has to work overtime. In addition, your water heater has to heat up colder water, which means it has more work to do after taking it easier during the spring and summer months. Particles and sediment can collect over time in the bottom of your water heater, hindering the unit's efficiency. Call us at Benicia Plumbing for a full inspection, to make certain that your heater is functioning at its best. It can avoid an unexpected and expensive breakdown and provide you with ample hot water through the colder months. 

"My Drains are Clogged!"

You had a great holiday season with family and friends and maybe even hosted a few parties or get-togethers as well, so now your kitchen sink’s drain is getting the post-holiday blues. Those amazing meals you prepared created a lot of grease and food particles ended up going down the drain. Since pipes are much colder during the winter, grease hardens in them faster and that added sludge can collect quickly and clog your pipes. The best idea is not to dump any food or grease in your drain in the first place, but if you do--contact us at Benicia Plumbing and we'll alleviate the problem and eliminate the drama associated with clogged drains. 

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