Wrench tightening pipe to fix leak.

Common Signs of a Plumbing Leak

The Water Cycle Poster Infographic

Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew are created when tiny spores invisible to the naked eye land on wet surfaces. If your home has a leaky washing machine hose, water leaking into the basement, or a leaking pipe, the moisture will create an environment that not only allows the mold to thrive but multiply.

If you notice mildew or fungus growing in your home or smell its signature musty scent, you should have professionals handle the situation immediately. Mold is known to aggravate allergies, worsen respiratory issues, and damage your home.

The leak should also be taken care of, or the spores will continue to grow and come back, which is why you should hire an experienced team like the one at Benicia Plumbing, Inc. that can locate and fix even the most hard to find leaks.

Increased Water Bill

Has your water bill been spiking for no reason? Chances are this is due to a leak hidden somewhere in your home, wasting water, and running up the cost. The Environmental Protection Agency found that The average household’s leaks can account for close to 10,000 gallons of water wasted a year.

Wet Spots

Have you noticed a wet spot after flushing the toilet or seen slight discoloration around the perimeter of your plumbing fixtures? The chances are you have a leak that needs to be fixed by a professional plumber. Acting quickly can avoid additional expenses such as repairing water damage and removing mold growth.

Weak Water Pressure

If you notice a weakening water flow with no other fixtures being used, it may point to a problem somewhere in the system. Leaking pipes are one of the primary causes of low water pressure. If water is escaping somewhere else in the plumbing, then less can make it through your pipes to where you need it, which weakens the flow.

If you are unsure whether it’s a leak, just shut off all water taps in the house and record the water meter. If the meter shows increased usage after a few hours, you likely have a leak on your hands.

A Team You Can Trust

No leak is too big or small for the experienced plumbers at Benicia Plumbing, Inc.! Call (707) 745-2930 to get your plumbing problem handled fast.