Shower Limescale Buildup

Why Hard Water Is Bad For Your Skin

Hard water is perfectly healthy to drink, but it can cause problems in other areas of your home. One example is how hard water impacts your skin. In this blog, we’ll explain how hard water can affect your skin negatively.

What is Hard Water?

If you didn’t quite know what hard water was, we’ll explain it. Hard water is water with a high amount of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. As we mentioned earlier, this is perfectly healthy to drink, but it can cause problems as well. Namely for your skin.

Where Does Hard Water Come From and Can We Eliminate It?

There isn’t much we can do about hard water before it enters your home. Its presence can be attributed to the geological history of North America. Nearly all sources of fresh water in the U.S. have mineral deposits from limescale buildup thousands of years ago.

However, when it gets to your home, there are simple ways to extract it and create crisp, fresh, clean water. All you have to do is install a water softener and it will extract those minerals from the water that enters your home.

So, How Does Hard Water Affect Skin?

If you have hard water in your home, you’ll likely have problems with dry skin. The reason is that all those minerals can roughen up your hands, and block pores from releasing natural moisturizing oils, too. With the current health crisis, you’re probably washing your hands more than usual, but doing so with hard water can dry them out. You shouldn’t have to moisturize every time you wash your hands! Get a water softener and your hands will thank you. Not only will you get benefits when washing your hands, but you’ll feel more refreshed after showering as well.

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