Blue PVC pipes on the floor

Have You Considered PVC Pipes?

When you need to replace your pipes, first consult us at Benicia Plumbing. Of course, savings and the environment must be considered, while making certain that your house is up-to-date, because who likes a leaking old house anyway? When your house turns a decade old, the need for new plumbing fixtures often arise, but as home owners ourselves, we know that you want a solution that does now leave a dent in your wallet (or purse, depending.) 

PVC is a form of plastic and is the world's third-most produced synthetic material in the world after polyethylene and polypropylene. This material has a German origin, a chemist named Eugene Baumann who discovered this accidentally. Over time, inventors came up with its different uses. Over the years, it has been used more and more to replace metal pipes for drainage of used and fresh water.

It is produced in two different forms--one being the rigid and the flexible form, where the former is widely used for construction purposes, pipes, doors and windows. If you live in a fairly modern home, it is likely fitted with PVC plumbing supplies. 


It's Lightweight and Affordable

Reduces strenuous labor work, as they don't have to weld like metal pipes. They are lightweight and are easy to carry, reducing the chances of injuries during construction while simultaneously bringing down labor costs.

It's Environment-Friendly

It also has a great impact on the environment because it emits a low percentage of greenhouse gases and preserves the natural resources.


These supplies are designed to resist moisture, friction and corrosion. 

It's Easy to Maintain

PVC pipes are easier to clean, in case of when a drain gets clogged, you can open them by using normal household methods, which makes its maintenance ten times more easy than ordinary pipes.

It's Non-Reactive with Other Materials

They can be joined with other building materials without the fear of corrosion. Metals like copper and iron are reactive to each other and can't be connected due to this reason.

It's Recyclable

PVC pipes are not biodegradable, which means you can recycle them and make use of the material to form other things.

At Benicia Plumbing, Inc., we’ve been serving our clients since 1975 and always looking to utilize the latest technology in today’s plumbing world. By providing complete plumbing services to businesses, industry, homebuilders and homeowners throughout the northern California Bay Area, we’ve been able to stay at the forefront of this industry and succeed at a high level. 

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