Group of kids sitting on the ground at the park

The Benicia State Parks Association

In many cities, the parks system is underfunded, with its budgets getting cut all the time. But here in Benicia, we are lucky to have the Benicia State Parks Association (BSPA), in partnership with the California State Department of Parks and Recreation and other entities, which is dedicated to keeping the Benicia State Parks open, accessible, safe and committed to expanding the knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment and cultural heritage of our parks.  

At Benicia Plumbing, we have been in business here since 1975, and we’re proud of the parks we have in this town and their role in California history. 

The BSPA provides resources to maintain regular park visiting hours and to support volunteers to enrich the visitor experience through education, interpretation, preservation and conservation activities at the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park and the Benicia State Recreation Area.

The Benicia Capitol Historic Park has been a State Park since 1958 and along with the Benicia State Recreation Area, they comprise the only two State Parks in Solano County. The Benicia Capitol Building was used for several years as a City Hall, a library as well as other community uses and is the only pre-Sacramento Capitol building still standing. The building and the interior have been restored to exhibit a legislative session as it might have occurred when it was the California State Capitol from January 1853 to February 1854.

The Fischer-Hanlon House is the only building in the State of California parks system that exhibits the life of the 19th-century upper-middle-class family. The house was dedicated to the state of California in 1968. The house is fully furnished with original artifacts that span over a century of family use.

We value and respect the work that the Benicia State Parks Association does, so if you get a chance to visit either the Benicia Capitol Historical Park or the Benicia State Recreation Area any time soon, you're in for a treat! 

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