A piggy bank with hundred dollar bills coming out of the top.

Is Money Leaking Out of Your Pipes?

It happens all the time. You get your water bill and it’s much higher than usual. At Benicia Plumbing, we have encountered this frequently, so here are some helpful tips about how to deal with the issue when it happens. 

On average, each person in the US. uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day, according to the United States Geological Survey. If your average daily consumption seems out of the norm, it could be that you have an undetected leak in your home.

If you have high water bills, here are some of the most common reasons why: 

Leaking flappers on toilets

No relations to the roaring 1920’s dancers, the flapper is the large rubber plug at the bottom of the toilet tank behind the bowl. Hear any dripping sound from your toilet and it’s likely your flapper at fault. You can use a toilet dye pill or a small amount of food coloring dropped into the tank. Wait about 30 minutes and check the toilet bowl for the colored water without flushing. If you’ve got colored water, you’ve got a leaking flapper.

Overflow toilet leaks

If water in the tank is leaking into the top of the overflow pipe, the ballcock valve needs adjusting. An easy way to test if this is happening is by shaking some pepper or baby powder into the walls of the toilet tank. If the powder moves to the center, the overflow is leaking. If the float arm is plastic, adjust the screw to stop the leak. Other options are to adjust the sliding clip or bend the arm until the water level is 2” below the top of the overflow pipe.

Dripping sinks

If your faucet is dripping, the problem most often times is a worn or improperly fitting washer.

Overactive ice-machine

Refrigerators use a water line to make ice. Sometimes the automatic ice maker draws too much water because it is malfunctioning.

Hot water tank

Your hot water tank is likely located in your basement. Check to see if there is water dripping down the side of the tank. That can indicate that the pressure valve isn’t working properly and must be fixed.

Dishwashers and washing machines

Water on the floor around either one is a bad sign. Check for leaking connections.

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