Sunflower - Welcome Summer

It's Time to Summerize Your Plumbing

The summer is here, so have fun but remember that there are a few plumbing issues that are more widespread in the summer than others. At Benicia Plumbing, we want you to enjoy your vacations and good times as you travel throughout the country and maybe even the internationally--so here are a handful of tips devised to help avoid serious plumbing problems before they ruin your summer plans. 

Sewer Line Backups

Although it is really dry right now in Benicia and throughout northern California, those sudden summer downpours can trigger sewer line backups, especially if you have any cracks in your lines, which can be caused by tree roots, for example. 

Washing Machine

Your washing machine may be getting quite the workout with the kids’ extra daily activities while they are home for the summer. Make sure to keep loads balanced and that someone is home while it is running in order to detect any issues if they occur.

Clogged Toilets

In many cases, children will often clog your toilets, especially during the summer when they're normally home more. To avoid any blockage of toilets, teach your children to only use a moderate amount of toilet tissue. Ration it carefully and make sure they use it properly for best results, especially with the younger kids and those pesky neighbor children. 

Sprinkler Issues

Be sure your sprinkler systems are in good working order and calibrated correctly to avoid water waste, because we never know when California might experience another drought. 

Clogged Disposals

Summertime is a great time for cookouts! Just be careful what you do with your waste products. We recommend NOT putting used cooking oils or hard fruits or vegetables such as corn, potatoes, s’mores or watermelon down your disposal as they can damage the disposal blades or lead to stubborn clogs.

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