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Raul Aguilera

Purchasing & Project Manager
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Raul M. Aguilera, Jr., serves as Benicia Plumbing’s Purchasing and Project Manager. His duties include aiding in the supervision of plumbing jobs, overseeing the acquisition of materials and parts used in plumbing operations and working with product suppliers to ensure that Benicia Plumbing uses only the best resources.

Raul graduated from Willow Glen High School in San Jose, California in 1999. Shortly thereafter, he started his career in construction after landing a job at the R.V. Cloud Company, as a member in the shipping and receiving departments. Raul quickly moved up within the company, eventually accepting a promotion in the company’s inside sales department.

In 2012, Raul moved into outside sales, assigned to serve Benicia Plumbing’s wholesale needs. In 2013, Raul decided to join the Benicia Plumbing team, and with 15 years of wholesale experience under his belt, he has had no problem fulfilling his expectations as Benicia Plumbing’s current Project Manager.

When he isn’t working, Raul enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.