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Plumbing Service: New Residential Construction

At Benicia Plumbing, we’ve been serving families of all sizes by providing residential plumbing services throughout the Bay Area for more than four decades. By leading with quality workmanship and always offering competitive pricing matched with the finest service in the plumbing industry today, we’ve been able to set a high standard while successfully completing thousands of homes and living units.

By sourcing the latest plumbing products available and acquiring them on-time and within budget, Benicia Plumbing can find the perfect solution for your needs. High-end design is one of our strengths and some of the projects we take on involve large luxury apartment and condo complexes as well as multi-million dollar custom homes.

New production residential plumbing is a specialty and different from both commercial plumbing and plumbing service and repair. Knowing the “ins and outs” of this niche can save the developer or contractor from the substantial anxiety, pain and suffering of not knowing if their plumber will perform or not. With so many buyer options being offered by builders today, we have the systems and processes in place to manage what has become a very complex “custom” process on production housing projects. Our union workforce and scheduling techniques allow us to always make builder schedules. You will not hear from a job supervisor, “I can’t get the plumber out here!” or, “The plumber is holding us up!” on a Benicia Plumbing job.

At Benicia Plumbing, we specialize in the following:

  • Single Family Detached and Attached Housing Tracts
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums and Townhomes
  • Multi-Family
  • Custom Shower Systems
  • Outdoor Plumbing Design and Installation
  • Custom Homes
New Residential Construction | Plumbing Service

Client's Review

I have an Apollo hydroheat system, and my heater wasn't working. I called the plumber who had installed the water heater, and they told me without even looking at it they couldn't do anything, and referred me to a heating place.

The heating place, also without looking at it, told me the only thing I could do was replace the furnace for $4000; I could try Benicia Plumbing if I wanted to, but because Apollo is no longer in business replacement parts aren't available. Decided to take my chances and have Benicia Plumbing come out. An hour and $165 later, my heater was fixed--wasn't a problem with the heater at all, it was the check valve on the water heater.

I should have called these guys in the first place! Thank you Benicia Plumbing!!!

Jennifer B.
Sacramento, CA