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Benicia Plumbing Code of Conduct


  • Friendly and Professional
    Whenever you contact Benicia Plumbing, you will always be greeted by the friendly voice of a knowledgeable, experienced and highly-skilled Benicia Plumbing professional.
  • Punctual and Courteous
    You will be served promptly with a polite demeanor and respect when dealing with any Benicia Plumbing professional
  • Problem Solvers
    Your Benicia Plumbing technician will arrive at your location equipped and prepared to resolve your problem seamlessly and by devising the ideal solution for you.
  • Solutions-Based
    You will always receive a comprehensive diagnosis to resolve your construction plumbing situation.

  • Honest
    Your Benicia Plumbing technician will provide you with a complete, detailed estimate BEFORE the work begins.
  • Accountable
    Benicia Plumbing will guarantee its parts and workmanship for a full year (12 mos.). If there are any malfunctions within this period of time, Benicia Plumbing will correct it promptly and at no charge.

  • Compliant
    Benicia Plumbing technicians will always fully comply with local city and state building codes.
  • Covered
    Benicia Plumbing will always maintain the necessary licenses and insurance coverage.
  • Clean
    When your job is completed, Benicia Plumbing will leave the job site cleaner than previously.

When you do business with Benicia Plumbing, you can count accountability, punctuality, transparency and quality and that is our non-negotiable promise. From the first interaction through the successful completion of any project, you can be certain that Benicia Plumbing, Inc., will endeavor to do everything it can to make your experience the best it possibly can.

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